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As someone told your age 6 child who has a bulldog bite to wait until all the baby teeth fall out before seeing me, Dr. Fox? Has someone told you that the bulldog bite is because the lower jaw is growing too long, yet they didn't mention that many of these problems are the upper jaw not growing out? Did they also not mention that the upper jaw can be correct in over 90% of all cases?

Learn How Your Child Shouldn't Have an Embarrassing Bulldog Bite. How Treatment in My Hands Can Have Your Child's Upper Jaw Fixed in Little as 17 Months with No Jaw Surgery. Learn the Secrets That Many Orthodontists and General Dentists Never Learned.

Find out why your child's bulldog bite needs to be evaluated by me at age 6 and not closer to the age of 10 where this then becomes a permanent problem costing thousands of dollars more and more difficult procedures for your child to go through.

There's absolutely no reason why you should wait any longer to have straight teeth for your child. Simply fill in your information below and you will receive a free report e-mailed to you.

Learn the secrets of Bulldog Bites:

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